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5 Straight Up Lies About Bisexual Women

5 Straight Up Lies About Bisexual Women

1. Bisexuals Are Just Greedy!

Really? Let's back up here. People who identify as bisexual aren't doing so to cast a net to any and every person that comes along! Bisexual folks aren't set out to steal your girl (or your man). The misconception here is that bi folks have ulterior motives when it comes to dating. Somehow owning your bisexuality means you can’t be trusted to be in a committed relationship. This misconception speaks more about the person judging, than bisexual folks themselves.


2. Bisexuals Don’t Know What They Want!

What I find completely strange about this statement is it comes from the same people who say bisexuals are greedy. How can one simultaneously be greedy and not know what they want? Furthermore, this statement comes from people within the LGBTQ community! How can we as a community say “love is love” and “love knows no gender” while looking down at people who love boundlessly? We’re all doing the same thing; loving who we love simply because we do. There are no levels to this shit. It is what is.


3. Bisexual Women Just End Up With Men!

A lot of times bisexuality is seen as the “waiting room” to entering gay land or straight land. I can’t count how many lesbians that have told me they won’t date a bi girl because she’s just going to “end up” with a man. Why would it matter if the woman you dated, got with a man after you? We have a tendency to associate who a person dates after us as being a reflection of who we are. If your ego is deflated simply because a woman dates a man after being with you, you haven’t let go. Chances are you wouldn’t feel any better if she continued to date women either. The real issue is being upset that the relationship ended, rather than who they ended up with.


4. Bisexuals Are Cheaters!

This misconception ties in to the thought that bi folks are greedy. They just have an insatiable thirst for all and can’t resist temptation. C’mon. Cheating isn’t a result of sexual orientation. Cheating can happen for so many reasons including but not limited to: unhappiness in current relationship, feeling stagnant or bored, the thrill of doing something sneaky, giving in to sexual tension, etc. Notice none of those reasons have anything to do with sexual preference. While we as individuals may find cheating as morally unacceptable, no group is more likely to cheat than another.



5. Bisexuals Don’t Exist!

That’s right! Loop ‘em in with unicorns, dragons, Santa Claus and the tooth fairy! You’re either attracted to men or attracted to women. How can a person possibly be attracted to both?! It’s almost as if sexuality isn’t a black and white issue and has a gray area! Catch my sarcasm. 

What are some myths or stereotypes about bisexuals that you hear? Leave a comment below!


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