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I'm Javonne Crumby, creator of Lesbionyx-- A space for queer women of color. As a Black woman who loves women, I grew tired of the lack of representation and resources for women like me. So I created a platform for us and by us, because no one tells our stories like us! 

Going Back in the Closet: 6 Fashion Tips Sure to Sensationalize Your Fall Wardrobe

We all know, “weather” we want to acknowledge it or not… the summer is over, and the seasons are changing (see what I did there?). I know you’re mourning the end of beach days and never-ending albums by Drake, but I assure you there is so much to look forward to this fall like revamping our wardrobes!

I never thought I would advise anyone to do this, but it is time to go back into the closet!

 I am not referring to the proverbial sunken place we all existed in before we were out and proud about our queerness, but I mean the literal, closet sis. The one containing all your boots (and skeletons) you packed away in boxes.

For once, I have an exclusive style guide that requires you to spend nothing but time! Follow these few tips I have compiled from my decade as a self-proclaimed “thrift momma”, balling on a budget and looking like a fly femme while doing it! 

 I’m here to help you put together some awe-striking outfits of the day that are sure have you sweeping folks away this season.


Here are 6 fashion tips for this fall:


1) Ask Yourself: “What’s Already on the Hanger?”

The biggest fashion faux pas I see every year is finding unused pieces in a collection they foolishly repurchased because they did not properly exhaust all their existing clothing options.

Do not worry about spending to keep up because you very well may have everything you need already in your repertoire. 

First, revisit what you have available to you and be honest some things on the hangers still have the tags on them, so they feel new.

If you are ready to stop the cycle and reinvent some old pieces in your closet this fall, follow this guide.

Even if you plan on going on a shopping spree, I still recommend reorganizing and establishing what you have prior to hitting the mall.

This way you can cop pieces that will complement your existing collection and fill in things your lack. Let’s round out your wardrobe as opposed to buying another black blouse. Yes, I’m aware of your tendencies! Before going to the store this year, remember what you have in storage. Because in 2018, I don’t want any of my queens to hit the queer scene feeling nothing short of stylish!

This fall we aren’t accepting any fits less than fabulous!


2) Wear Your Pieces in Unique Ways


Someone with the same item on can be standing right beside you but, when you have creative ways of wearing pieces no one would know it! Picture your body as the canvas and create one of a kind looks with the same item.

Give me one dress and I can create tons of different expressions with it. Like the parable with Jesus and the loaves and fish we can serve tons of looks with limited resources too. Thank God for fashion!

 For example, you can wear a dress as is, then French tuck it into some high wasted jeans to create a nice blouse, you can leave it completely open rocking a crop and leggings underneath or even wear a T-shirt over the top giving you a new skirt pattern.

If dresses aren’t your style, freshen up your jeans by using a bandanna on your belt loop or as a bracelet. Wear leggings as a head wrap or a cloth belt as a necklace.

Also… Fannie packs are back! You can wear them over the shoulder instead of around the waist. A piece can go from out of style or old and tired to trending, by simply changing the way it is worn.

3) D.I.Y. “Do it Yourself”

One of my all-time favorite quotes is by the great poet Nikki G reads “if you can’t find the book, write it!” I had this same realization about my wardrobe. If I don’t see it, I create it. You don’t have to be a seamstress to have select self-made pieces. Add iron-on patches to a jean jacket to create the style you desire. Make sentimental jewelry out of coins you may have collected from fun places you’ve traveled. Perhaps, put a quote you love or figure you admire on the front of your white tee and completely reinvent it. Blazers can have patches added from your alma mater for office wear, or distress those old jeans so that they look like a new pair. This tactic can be applied from street style to professional wear. Be an original by generating fresh designs for yourself. The possibilities are endless.

made by me with Nicaraguan coins

made by me with Nicaraguan coins

4) Revamp Retired Pieces

Replace the shoe strings on some of the Jordans you rock again in solidarity with Kaepernick, or lace them in another pattern. Switch them out to a new color. You could do the same with an old dress by putting a new waist belt on it to be more form fitting and give it new life.

Tie your tie in a rose style instead of the traditional windsor knot. Put a feather, fresh flower or bandanna on an old hat to bring out a new appearance.

Even add pins to your personal items to give them an extra flair.

Radical Dreams Pins®️   @radical_dreams_pins

Radical Dreams Pins®️


Radical Dreams Pins®️   @radical_dreams_pins

Radical Dreams Pins®️


The details are critical when dusting off the worn looks and can make you look debonair.

5) “Layers to this Ish”

Always remember the power of layering. Not only is it practical, but it adds depth to outfits this time of year. A patterned button up can be covered by a monotone sweater to really make it pop. Don’t stop there, you can layer over-sized jeans over rompers or spaghetti strap dresses over tee shirts. Take this from head to toe and put socks on with heels when it’s too cold for open toe. Bring out the vests, trench coats and hoodies under leather jackets. The layers can be transparent in some cases like a mesh over your top that can give your look some edge to take you from day to nighttime grunge.

Don’t forget you can layer jewelry too…

 Your #ootd and onions should have two things in common: the layers and the fact that they can both bring you to tears.

style hub

style hub

Mix up colors textures and patterns to keep things spicy! What better combination than fashion and food the two loves of my life!

6) Mix and Match

Remember just like with drinks, you must have mixology to your matches. Put elements together to get your polished look and encourage yourself to play. Do not be afraid to put together different patterns like stripes and polka dots because rules aren’t fun unless you break them anyway! They can really help you stand out on your upcoming date with that cutie or company Christmas party!

 We often shy away from prints but they can be a bold statement for you to bloom among the flowers and foliage. Strutting your stuff in plaid or pinstripes can express your confidence and give you an explosive entrance!

Let your personality shine through the pieces you choose to dress to empress in. We may have outgrown our rainbow pins, but there are many ways to display queer in your style expressions.

Above all else remember to have fun and take risks with ensembles you feel great in. The confidence you carry about yourself will always radiate through the clothing. Take simple and elevate it to sophisticated using some of these tips. Let your personal style be your guide and maybe try out a trend or two, but always make sure it is YOU, and let your personality shine through!

Share your pictures and posts as the LOOKS you serve with pride this season!



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