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Are You Curious?: Interview with Out and Proud Singer/Songwriter Asiahn

Are You Curious?: Interview with Out and Proud Singer/Songwriter Asiahn

Cover photo by: Child (@bychild)

Asiahn— pronounced (Ahh-zee-yahn )—is a three-time Grammy nominated singer and songwriter who currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. Asiahn has been an artist for the majority of her life and her writing took main stage as she penned for some of the industries top artists like Dr. Dre, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Drake, Lil Wayne, and many more. She’s an out lesbian and classifies her musical style as Alternative R&B. With bangers like Love Train, NOLA, Lost in London, Games and Like You, Asiahn brings you painful truths, exploration, love and even the conflict of liking someone else while being in a committed relationship. She even identifies too many of the games people play while dating in the song Games, and warns hopefuls that the prospects aren’t high for finding love in Los Angeles in NOLA. Her debut independent EP Love Train was released in 2017 and it’s highly anticipated follow-up EP Love Train 2 dropped earlier this year. Check out our exclusive interview below.

When did you realize music was your passion? 

At a very young age; at 9 to be more precise. 

Your debut EP ‘Love Train’  followed years of you writing for other artists. What made you ultimately make the switch from songwriter to singer? 

I was an artist first at 15 years old. I didn’t start writing for others until 2010 so there wasn’t really a “switch”. My songwriting just took off in a major way before my artistry did. Prior to writing for others, I had songs on the radio and toured as an artist.

You have several songs talking to women on both ‘Love Train’ and ‘Love Train 2’ EP but you did this without a major “coming out” moment. How has that been received?

It’s been received as organic because why do I need to have a major coming out moment to be myself? My family has known for years. As a songwriter, everyone knew I was a lesbian so there was no real need for a coming out. It’s kind of like take me and my music as I am and not giving an alternate choice. At the end of the day, it’s about the music. Does it make you feel? Does it move you to come to your own truths about love? That’s what matters.

So you privately came out to your parents, friends and loved ones?

Yes! Many years before I dropped music again as an adult. As a child artist I didn’t even really know what it meant to be a lesbian. I just knew in the eyes of the industry it wasn’t okay.

Has anyone warned you against being “out” in your music?

Lots of times in the past and even sometimes now people would prefer that I’m more inclusive of men in my songs, but I feel like I am being inclusive of men. Men tell me all the time that they connect so much with my music because they feel like it’s coming from their perspective because they don’t have to change ‘he’ or ‘boy’ to ‘girl’ and ‘she’ and they can just sing to their hearts content.

You did an interview with Billboard where you discussed colorism and body-shaming that goes on among artists. Do you have experience being told you’re too this or too that to be a singer?

All the time! Too dark, too thick, lesbian; and they don’t know how to market me. But in my eyes that just says to me that your mind is too closed and you don’t have the creativity on my level to be on my team. 


What are your hobbies outside of singing and songwriting?

Painting, cooking, artsy stuff, anime, fun stuff like laser tag. I’m really a big nerdy kid.


Are you in a relationship or dating? Do you find it hard to date and be in the spotlight? 

I’m not in a relationship but I am dating. And yes it’s very hard. People have ulterior motives, people aren’t genuine a lot of times and my schedule is very busy so trying to sort through who’s who can be annoying and time consuming.

Photo by: Brittany Hampton  @Bhampton

Photo by: Brittany Hampton @Bhampton

Last question: Is ‘Lost In London’ a true story? That. Shit. Gives. Me. Goosebumps!

A very true story! All of my songs are real life experiences.

Be sure to follow @iamasiahn to stay tuned for her upcoming announcements. Check out her latest music video for her hit single ‘Like You’ below!

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