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Meet Queer Reiki Healer: Coach D

Meet Queer Reiki Healer: Coach D



It’s Japanese.

And it refers to "higher intelligence that permeates all living and non-living entities and guides the inherent functioning of the universe."


Also Japanese.

Refers to the "nonphysical energy that flows through everything alive."

If that definition from MIND BODY GREEN is too high brow for you, think of Reiki like this:

The body is full of energy both healthy and balanced and toxic and draining. Reiki is a healing method that works to release trapped toxicity and trauma in the body via touch or via mental connection with a certified Reiki master.

 This is where Coach D comes in.

She is a queer spiritual Goddess that currently calls Atlanta, Georgia home.

I recently spoke with her to gain deeper insight into her business of healing and making an impact in the LGBT community.

What do you do as a spiritual and wellness practitioner?

My business consists of work as a Reiki Master and Life Coach. Specifically, I do energy work with clients. I am an empath and highly intuitive. I’m also a medium and do akashic record clearings in conjunction with reiki.

How did you get into reiki and spiritual healing work?

I stumbled upon reiki when I attended an event that I found on meetup.com. One of the participants at the event tapped into my spirit and casually told me that I was a healer.

That lead me down this journey and I’ve never looked back. It’s been tremendously transformational for me professionally in every way imaginable. This is my life’s purpose and I fully accept that.

How long have you been doing this work?

I have been a Life Coach for eight years and a reiki healer for seven years.

How do you perform reiki sessions?

The beautiful thing about reiki is that they can be done via distance or in-person because it is energy work. I work with clients across the globe from my home here in Atlanta.

For distance sessions, we connect via phone first. Then I do my session in my own space by tapping into your energy, and then we do a follow up phone call to discuss blocks that I was able to notice or help to begin to clear.

The first session is often the pathway that’s needed to begin working through the releasing of childhood trauma. That opens up the mind, body, and spirit to activate healing in all areas of your life.

The majority of your clientele identifies as lesbian, gay, or transgender, what are some challenges you have noticed our community struggling with the most?

I would say mostly past relationship challenges. Unhealed wounds from people that we were once intimate with is an issue I see time and time again. My clients are consistently attracting what they don’t want in new relationships because of residue left over from previous partnerships.

I also work with many clients that are either ending a relationship or have just gotten out of a toxic one.

Reiki helps in the healing process in situations such as those because it is designed to release toxic energy from the body.

“Our emotional life ties into voids in our physical life. We drink or do drugs or binge eat or whatever it may be to numb the pain.”

I love that point you made about our emotional life being so embedded into our daily life. The actions we often take are indeed strongly influenced by how we are feeling. I know even in my own healing journey as of late I have found myself ordering more martinis then usual, mostly when I am feeling my FEELS and struggling with my emotions.

With that being said, what is one golden tip you can offer other queer women to aid in their healing?

It’s quite simple really. Find out what your purpose is in life. Gaining clarity in that area can begin to steer you towards making the healthiest decisions possible. As a result you begin to have less tolerance for dysfunction in your life. You begin to make yourself your number one priority.

You are currently working on a documentary. What is it all about?

It highlights my own healing journey. My struggles with an eating disorder, abuse in my adult life, and self-acceptance.  It begins with my present and travels back to my past. Viewers will witness my physical, mental, emotional, and of course spiritual transformation. 

What’s next on the horizon for you?

For me, my sights are on public speaking, leading healing retreats around the world, and appearing on television as a transformational leader.

As we closed our conversation, she bursts with confidence sharing:

“I will be the next Oprah meets Iyanla Vanzant.”

I definitely believe her. I could feel the black girl queer magic vibes rolling off of her every word.

Her gifts are palpable, electric, and undeniable.

You can connect with Coach D by visiting her INSTAGRAM or sign up to get a life changing healing reiki session HERE.


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