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6 Major Keys to a Successful Long Distance Relationship

6 Major Keys to a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Summer 2018 is officially over and I hope you enjoyed every minute. Autumn is now upon us or as many like to call it: bae season (see also: ‘cuffing season’) This is the time of year it tends to get more cuddly. Everywhere you look people are paring up and getting cozy. You can’t stop thinking about that great time you had on vacation and that girl you met. You two had an amazing time all summer, now it’s time to head separate ways. Both of you would like to see if you can keep the juices flowing, so you exchange info and head home. Long distance relationships (LDR) don’t have to suck, they can flow smoothly until you reconnect. Here’s a few tips to make it last:



While communication should be paramount to any relationship, it’s value is doubled in the long distance relationship (LDR). Keep contact with each other frequently. The two of you have to decide how much communication is best for your situation. Of course you can send text messages, and video chat but don’t forget more traditional forms like late night phone calls (or handwritten letters, if you’re feeling really romantic).

Photo via Talkspace

Photo via Talkspace


Be very clear in your intentions. If you are not fully comfortable with your LDR, let that be known from the beginning. Let your bae know if this is your first LDR situation. The more transparency the better. Keep your thoughts upfront and continue to re-evaluate it often.


Do a shared activity together that makes you to feel connected. Play the same video game. Read the same book. Cook the same meal. Now you can even remotely watch Netflix together! It’s all about connecting on an everyday level.


Plan several times throughout your hectic lives to visit. The thrill of planning a visit together will bring you closer. Nothing beats being in bae’s arms after being away for so long. Spend time relaxing together and catching up. Don’t try to plan every activity. Do everyday stuff like going to dinner, seeing a movie or going shopping. HopStop app was created for times like this. The app allows you to look up locations most in metropolitan areas. Enjoy an adventure out together!

Photo via  Huffington Post

Photo via Huffington Post

5)    ENGAGE

When away from each other use interactive ways to share your time. Sure you can use Instagram, Facebook, Skype or Snapchat, but there’s a bunch of great apps for LDR couples. These are great alternatives for keeping in touch until you can see each other in person again.


Intimacy doesn’t always have to include bedroom play. Send each other small gifts, hand written notes and photos of your everyday lives. Send sweet notes of encouragement through out the day. Cook and eat their favorite dinner while you are away from each other. This shows that you pay attention and allows you the chance to be connect in a more meaningful way.

Relationships can be whatever you make it, wherever you are! These tips are only the beginning of building up successful long distance relationships. While long distance love isn’t for everyone, I hope you enjoy discovering yourself and your bae during the process. As you continue to make it a success, you may even find yourselves wanting to make more permanent accommodations. Here’s to an everlasting bae season!

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