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15 Types of Tinder Users We're Sick of Seeing

15 Types of Tinder Users We're Sick of Seeing

Online dating can be tricky to navigate—especially on Tinder! Here are 15 Tinder types we seem to see over and over again.

1.       The Elusive Adventure-Seeker: These are the folks with profiles that mention “adventures” but fail to mention what “adventures” they’re into. The online dating world can be scary as it is. Your idea of an adventure could be a road trip. While their idea of an adventure could be a home invasion. It’s best to clarify with them first.

adventure tinder.png


2.       The Third-Wheel Seeker: This is usually a straight couple’s profile who are seeking a third-wheel (or unicorn) for a casual encounter. Luckily, most people are upfront about it, so if your in the market for couple fun—you’re in luck!

couple tinder.png


3.       The Sloppy Selfie Taker: It’s the bathroom mirror selfie taker with the toilet in plain view. Their photography skills aren’t just limited to the bathroom but also the mirrored closet in the bedroom with clothes thrown about in the background. Bonus points if they look down at the phone instead of the mirror for said selfie.

messy tinder profile.png


4.       The Mysterious AF User: This profile has memes, pet photos, food pics, inspirational quotes—everything but a photo of themselves! With online-dating becoming more common, the stigma isn’t what it used to be; so, is this person super shy or a catfish? You decide.

pet tinder.png


5.       The Abstract Selfie Taker: Not to be confused with The Mysterious AF User. The Abstract Selfie Taker takes very strategic photos that don’t quite reveal their face clearly. These photos are usually juxtaposed in a way that looks artsy—but is just plain dodgy. Looking off to the side, head down showing off their snapback, the hand awkwardly blocking half their face…

h.e.r. tinder.png


6.       The Snapchat Filter Addict: This person LOVES filters! Flower crowns, puppy faces, bunny ears, even that strange surgical mask with the cheetah print. No filter is off limits and they are using them ALL! Filters are a fun way to show a playful side, but overuse of filters can come across as juvenile or insecure.


snapchat tinder.png

7.       The Time Waster: This person can be spotted right away as they tend to tell on themselves in their bio. “Idk what I’m looking for on here”, “looking for friends maybe more”, “not looking for anything serious but not opposed to it either”. This person just swipes on Tinder while waiting in line or on the toilet. Don’t expect a message from them if you match.



8.       The Raver/ Party Animal:  This profile is a collection of them at various nightclubs, music festivals and typically holding alcohol as a trophy. Their bio (if any) mentions key phrases like: PLUR life, 420 friendly, EDM <3, Good vibes only, Bonus points if they included a photo of themselves passed out.


party tinder.png

9.       The Super Human: This person had professional headshots taken and they want you to see them all! These are typically your aspiring actors or models. Each perfectly retouched photo is sure to make them stand out from the crowd but can make them seem unattainable. This profile tends to come across as superficial or “too perfect”.

model tinder.png


10.   The Underage User: Well—sort of. This user isn’t a minor but mentions in their bio that the age on their profile says their older “for some reason”. This is likely because most Tinder accounts are linked to Facebook and they may have lied about their age when they joined Facebook 10 years ago (and forgot about it). This could be a minor detail for some swipers, but others can get disappointed to see the attractive, witty, out-going 27-year-old is only 20.


11.   The Standoffish User: This is the person who is clearly fed up with Tinder and makes a list of things they don’t want. This person has a no BS way of wanting to weed out anyone they aren’t looking for. Ironically enough, this person doesn’t realize they won’t match with any of those people unless they swipe right too.  



12.   The Opportunist: This person isn’t on Tinder to casually date, find love or even hook-up. This person is looking to promote their business and find clients. The signs aren’t hard to find since they tend to mention their business in their bio. Common professions are photographers, rappers, DJ’s, and tax preppers. Can’t knock the hustle!


13.   The Over-Sharer: This profile leaves nothing to the imagination as they manage to tell you their entire life story in their bio. This person believes they are giving potential matches a good sense of who they are, but they actually make it hard to find something to talk about once the match is made. Sometimes less is more.



14.   The Human Bumper Sticker: Similar to the over-sharer, this person lays it all out. This person is usually politically vocal and references many movements and hashtags to cement their political affiliation or lifestyle. #Woke #VeganAF #FreeTheNipple.


15.   The Spiritual Guru: This person lives for astrology and numerology and is sure to mention their sun, moon and ascending zodiac signs. This person hopes mentioning their natal chart will attract their intergalactic soulmate. Bonus points if they also collect crystals, mention holistic medicine and claim to be a “plant mama.”


hippie tinder.png

Who did we miss? Tell us what Tinder type you see that didn’t make the list in the comments below!

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