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10 Solo Dates that Don't Suck

A lot of people have a fear of being alone. We can let life pass us by, missing out on fun outings just because we don't have a plus one. Whether you're single or just have flaky friends, these solo dates are sure to be fun! 


1. Go to the Movies:

Going to the movies by yourself is one of the best solo dates you can treat yourself to. One of the main worries we face when going out without a plus one, is thinking everyone is staring. The movie theatre is dark, and everyone is focused on the screen. No awkward small talk necessary. Just sit back and enjoy!

2. Don't Miss that Concert:

Similar to the movie theatres, the focus is on the entertainment, not the people surrounding it. My first solo concert was about 4 years ago.Once the lights dimmed and the music started, I forgot I was by myself. Concerts can elicit a wide range of emotions that we usually shy away from in everyday life. Yet, seeing someone live can make you feel like you’ve caught the Holy Spirit. Go on and catch it! Dance like no one is watching and pretend that artist is performing for you only!

3. Sit Courtside:

Whether you're a die hard sports fan or just enjoy a good game, being in the crowd at a sporting event is where it's at! The adrenaline rush of watching two teams face off in-person is unmatched! You can shout, chant, and call the refs out on their BS along with the crowd! Being around other charged up fans rooting for your team is enough to feel like you don't need a plus one.

4. Sip N' Paint:

Photo credit:  Wine and Design

Photo credit: Wine and Design

These “sip and paint” events are becoming popular in the U.S. and makes for a great social event. Sure, paint nights are marketed towards groups and couples but there is no shame in going alone! Most people are open to chatting while painting (after all, it is a social activity). So don’t be afraid to strike up conversation with the people around you. A simple ice breaker would be complimenting your neighbors painting. Pro tip: If you plan on doing more “sipping” than painting take an Uber/Lyft.


5. Open Mic Night:

If spoken word, poetry, comedy or local talents tickle your fancy, look no further than an open mic night. You can find open mic nights in just about any local café or bar. This is a low-key outing that can be both entertaining and healing. Let yourself get lost in the art and talents onstage. It may even get your creative wheels spinning. Feeling brave? Get up there!


6. Explore a Farmers Market:

Photo Credit:  @sweetpotatosoul

Photo Credit: @sweetpotatosoul

Farmers Markets, flea markets, and swap meets are one of the most underrated solo outings! It’s a great place to not only support local farmers and entrepreneurs, but wander! One of my biggest pet peeves at farmers markets is feeling rushed by who I am with. I like to visit as many booths as I can, ask questions, and take my time looking at and trying out different things. If you do too—go by yourself. You will have such a good time!


7. Have a Relaxing Spa Day: 

Couples massages are great, but have you ever had a solo spa day?  Give yourself ample time to enjoy any spa amenities like a whirlpool, steam room, or sauna. This is one of the few environments where keeping to yourself is encouraged. So close your eyes and unwind. Pro Tip: check out Groupon deals for discounted spa packages. It’s not just for groups!


8. Find Your Muse:

The museum is another awesome solo date that is low key and fun. You don’t have to be an art aficionado or history buff to enjoy museums anymore. There are unconventional museums like the Museum of Ice Cream, Museum of Sex, Refinery 29 Rooms, (there’s even a Museum of Broken Relationships)! Attending museums and galleries give you a chance to explore at your own pace and not rush your experience. You can stare at that exhibit for as long as you like and take those shameless selfies.


9. Soak Up the Sun:

Photo credit:  @hey_ciara

Photo credit: @hey_ciara

The beach, a lake, river any body of water near you… GO! Watching the waves crashing on shore is hypnotic. It brings peace and clarity...and it's free! There's countless things you can enjoy in your own company like a bike ride down the boardwalk, renting a jet ski, or simply cultivating that melanin in the sun. Enjoy it! 


10.Take a Hike:

 No, I’m not telling you to get lost, but a hike is such an invigorating and rewarding experience. Hikes are a healthy way to clear your mind while taking in the beauty of nature. If you’re new to the hiking scene, that’s ok. There are hiking trails that are very beginner friendly.Something about being alone with nature is very freeing. So take in that fresh air and enjoy the views. Pro tip: If you prefer hiking buddies, checkout Meetup for local hiking groups.

Photo Credit:  @Kelleesetgo

Photo Credit: @Kelleesetgo

What do you like to do solo? Comment your honorable mentions below! 


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