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Fans React to Domo Wilson Diss Track to Ex 'I Wish I Never Met You'

Fans React to Domo Wilson Diss Track to Ex 'I Wish I Never Met You'

YouTuber Domo Wilson dropped a diss track about her ex Crissy Danielle on Tuesday and fans are gassed up about it!

The former YouTube famous couple had a channel documenting their relationship, with a cult following of 3 million subscribers. Since the couple announced their split back in August, the two have continued YouTube on their respective platforms. Wilson released ‘I Wish I Never Met You’ on her Domo Wilson Music YouTube channel— which has already garnered over 500,000 views on its first day! The song was released as a lyric video, so listeners would not miss a beat—and they didn’t!

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There is a visible divide between fans who have chosen a “side”. In their YouTube video announcing their breakup, Crissy attempted to clear any suspicion of cheating:

“None of us did anything wrong for us to break up. Domo’s a really good person and she was a good girlfriend and fiancée.”

Yet Domo’s diss track leaves nothing to the imagination as she is calling Crissy out for cheating and using her for money.

 “Should’ve left you where I met you bitch you fucked up // you hit the jackpot with me when you lucked up

but you wanted other bitches got me fucked up // now you got me over here screaming ‘fuck love’.”

The track has already spawned various reaction videos including duo Nick and DZ of Studology 101.

Still from Studology 101  reaction video

Still from Studology 101 reaction video

After listening to the diss, DZ weighed in:

“It’s unfortunate because Domo is now going to be jaded going into her new relationships. I really think that one first bad heartbreak fucks it up for a lot of people, until you can finally trust again and open up again.”

Nick adds:

“This is gonna be really good for Domo, a good time to start fresh, turn over a new leaf and get moving.”

Shortly after the song was released, Crissy tweeted:

“How does one person claim they’re so happy and flaunt it so much but the actions show different? Can’t relate.”

Domo claims Crissy was given a heads up about the song prior to its release:

Watch ‘I Wish I Never Met You’ (lyric video) below:

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